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Dolls. Miniature, pretend, play, plastic people. Children play with them, adults collect them. Some folks have the dolls just to dress them in the Renaissance and or Medieval clothes and costumes.

I enjoy Breyer Horses and Breyer's Horse Dolls or we also call them Riders. Here are a few photos of our dolls in Ren outfits. (more to come) You can see more of our Breyer Collection and handmade saddles and cosutmes on our Breyer Horse page.

Flower Renaissance Dress for Breyer Doll Breyer doll Renaissance Medieval Christmas Dress Nichole's Birthday gift, Breyer's  Doll Cloak SM Medieval Wth Saddle Black & Gold Breyer Doll Cloak Lady GoDOLLva Breyer Horse Neck Armour Breyer Doll Velvet Dress Circus Rider2 Breyer Father Christmas Breyer Doll Witch Dress w/Hat and Dog


I will be adding more horses in garb, bard and capitin too.

Schleich Jousting Scene Medieval War Scene Medieval Mounted Attack Jousting Zebra

-- The Renaissance Rats Team

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