Last Laugh Line
Fancy Pet Rat (Rattie) BedOut Of Stock Price: $5.95

LaRue Working... Working Haaarrrddd.These are cute. I modeled them after the ever popular dog beds. I designed and made each of these with my own pattern.

I have made these for my own ratties and not only have they been "rat tested" I am happy to tell you that they love the rat beds.

This one is approx. 8 1/2" round and approx.4" high. It is stuffed with the same human quality fluff a person would use in a human pillow. This bed is new and has never been used, slept on, eaten in, never been used.

Please note: The bed for sale is a bit smaller then the one with LaRue in it by the computer in the photo.

The beds are machine or hand washable. You could dry them in the machine or let stand to dry.

Rats love these beds. This item is new and has never been used. It was made in our non smoking home.

Rattie items, because of disease that can be spread, are non refundable, they are not returnable. However, if there is a problem with the craftsmanship we are happy to replace the item with one of the same (fabrics may be a bit different). Thanks!

The Last Laugh Line

HaHa Snakeys

I once was meant to be food,
For a slimy and slippery brood.
As I awaited the fate,
You came, and not a minute too late.
Now I live in your house,
Sometimes inside your blouse
I also live in your heart
Cause you gave me a new and fresh start
I dream of your love
And thank God up above
you came on that day
and took me away.

So now in the comfort of your warm and nice home,
I cuddle in snake skin as you talk on the phone.
HaHa Snakey, you did not get me,
but your snake skin now gives comfort you see.


This line of products is dedicated to the ratties that were rescued from becoming snake food.....and for owners with a keen sense of humor. I use snake and cat print fabrics to make up items for rattie comfort. I have written a little HaHa Snakey poem and hope you get a laugh out of it.

If the line bothers you, please check out other categories. We have great items for ratties and try to appeal to most rattie lovers.

Our Last Laugh Line items are made new and have never been used....although my own ratties like the prints as much as I do. LOL

This smaller item has a smaller shipping charge of $2.95 to the USA when shipped with similar items. Your shopping cart will show your shipping costs and total based on the items in it.

This product is currently out of stock.

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