Pets At The Fair

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Can you take your pets to the Fair?

Many Renaissance and other types of Fairs and Festivals will advertise Pets or No Pets. And there is a reason when they say no. Not only does it mean everyone else's pets, but your too.

If they advertise, or if you ask permission to bring your pets there are many things you should know before heading out the door with your pet in hand.

The first thing to check before leaving is the weather. How hot will it be? Is there a chance of rain? Will it be cold?

How friendly is the animal?

If it is hot, how will your animals travel? If you stop for a bite to eat where will they wait? If you are asked by friends or someone you just meet to go and have a drink, what will you do with the pet while you go and do just that?

How far will the animal have to travel? Will you be staying in a Motel or Hotel or Camping? How and where will the animal sleep?

Know that no matter what you do you animal will be with you. That could mean you will not be allowed in some areas, or stores or activities. It also means if you get there and your animal is not having fun, you still have to be with it.

Be sure to take food and water and clean up items (pooper scouper and or plastic bags). Take your leashes and cages and crates and or Kritter Keepers.

If you are going to dress your animal in a cute little outfit make sure to train the animal to wear the outfit or costume long before the day of the event. Take the animal out and about in the outfit so that they are used to wearing it.

Also be aware that some Fairs, Festivals and Events charge the same amount of entrance fees for animals as they do for people. you might have to sign you life away before entering the gates with them.

If you are thinking you will just sneak you animals into the Fair, Festivals or Events, keep in might be asked nicely to leave right away, even after you have paid to get in. Believe me, they will not refund your money. You may be fined or worse.

If you have a dog that might bite, doesn't get along with other animals, or barks at people in uniforms, LEAVE IT AT HOME!!
If your Ferret needs to be socialized and you are thinking this is a great place to do it, IT IS NOT!
If your rattie is not used to being around people and you are afraid it will jump and run, DO NOT TAKE IT WITH YOU!
If your horse spooks easily and or is disturbed by people that are different, DON'T EVEN THINK OF RIDING THEM IN THE RING.
If your parrot is loud and obnoxious and you get tired or hearing it screech at home, NO ONE AT THE FAIR WANTS TO HEAR THAT!!
If your hawk might get away and eat someone else's pet, THIS IS NOT A GOOD PLACE TO BRING IT!
If your snake is not used to being held frequently and or for long period of times or if that snake gets irritable when hot, LEAVE IT BEHIND!!


If you love animals and get tickled to see them out and about there are a few things you should know.

Don't approach animals until after you have asked permission of the owner BEFORE, NOT WHILE, you reach for the animal.

People did not bring their animals as an advertisement for advertising to babysit your child. Please do not send you child or even let your child approach people's animals without you right there with them. Parents are the ones that should ask if the child can pet the animal. This is expectantly true for the Jousting ring!!

Believe it or not, some animals see drunkenness as a treat. They do not like the smell or the way the person behaves.

Most Renaissance Fairs are held in warm weather. If you see someone with their pet at the Fair and the animal is hot.....leave it alone.


If you are going to take your pet to the fair with you and you will be camping, even if it is just one night, there is much to think about. More then just packing the correct food and water and bowls for your animal.

Where will the animal sleep? This is easy in the cooler weather. Most dogs will sleep right beside their owners, under the stars or in the tent. Just keep in mind, if your dog is "sleeping under the stars" in a strange place, especially if you are sleeping more soundly from a bit of drinking you may have been doing that day or evening, your dog might just get up and leave to go investigate this new area.

What about bringing your own water. It is a must. First of all some animals will not drink water if "it tastes funny". Not to mention that there may not be water where you are headed. Many campground do not have spigots for your convenience. No, your animals can not "just drink the beer or soda" you will be having. Unless of course you do not mind them throwing up on you, your sleeping bag, your garb..... little time, so much to say, more coming. <grin>


Taking your pets to Feasts, Festivals, Fairs and Events can be a lot of fun for not only yourself but also the animal and other goers. Just make sure you are fair to yourself and not bogged down by your pet responsibilities. It can be fun for your pet if your pet is well socialized and you take the time to spend with the animal the entire time. You can also make it fun for those around you if your animal is friendly and especially if it does a trick or task or just loves everyone!


-- The Renaissance Rats Team
Mon, 15 Dec 2008 17:08:25 -0500

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